Def: shannoetry (n)
(1) A portmanteau for a person, named Shannon, who writes poetry; (2) Poetry by Shannon

The facts:
Name: Shannon McClennan-Taylor
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Day job: Constituency Manager, Legislative Assembly of Alberta
Elevator pitch: Publicist and communications specialist. Writer/poet/blogger, documentary film aficionado, arts/[pop]culture fanatic, language nerd, knowledge junkie, geekette,  Shakespeare groupie. And so much more.

A yoga-doing, wannabe photographer who loves to learn and always looking for creative new ways to stretch my imagination. I like to read/learn/grow/absorb and talk about the things I’ve seen/read/learned/experienced. Who am I kidding? I like to talk.

Why this blog?
I came home from the UK in 2006 and took a job in sales while I searched for that most ellusive thing – a paying job in the arts. I started a Twitter account because I decided that if I wanted to get my poetry out there, I would have to take the bull by the horns and do it myself. While I love to write and enjoy blogging, I keep myself occupied with communications projects, not-for-profit work, calgary festivals, and arts and culture events, so I seldom take the time to update this blog on anything resembling a regular basis. So what you’ll find here is a mishmash of poetry, other writing, info/news/reviews of Calgary arts and culture, and anything else I think up to share.

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