Found Poetry

I must be the last person to know that there are a number (and by ‘number’, I mean, I gave up after three pages worth on iTunes) of poetry and related apps for the iPhone? I’m working through a few of them and today – iFoundPoetry. It’s made up of a random assortment of refridgerator magnet words with which one makes up random sentences. So I have to share with you my first iFoundPoetry poem:

I had forgotten to laugh
somewhere after the
lazy calm
searching for that
beautiful determination
but finding nothing


  1. Keen use of “found” words. I wouldn't call it a “found” poem necessarily though. This poem is very much your own. When it comes down to it, all poetry is just the rearranging of choice words, so I think you can easily take full credit for this.

  2. “When it comes down to it, all poetry is just the rearranging of choice words”

    I like this… It's a nice poem but i must here disagree with Wazzy D. poetry isn't just rearranging or arranging words… poetry is all about thoughts and the expression, word choice, rhyme etc. simply add to it. the beauty is inherent in the thought..

  3. This is very, very belated, but somehow I never seem to fully realize when someone has left me a comment. So first, thanks so much for your comments! And second, thinking back using this app, I used the “create your own word” feature quite a few times to get across the sentiment I was working on. So… the app itself is less “Found Poetry” and more “DIY Refridgerator Poetry”.

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