40 things in 2013

As I wrote last week, I’ve been compiling a list of 40 things I’m hoping to accomplish this year. They’re not really ground-breaking; I’m not curing anything. Or even pretending to try for that matter. I’m not travelling to some far-off destination or getting ripped by 2014 (though that would be nice…). I’ve simply jotted down 40 things that I’ve been always wanted to do but never made time for; as well as some things that I want to do this year to just feel like I’ve accomplished some small, yet meaningful goals.

I’ve broken the list out into six categories: accidentally mindful, health and wellness, things that frighten me, challenges I want to take on, and things I’ve always wanted to do. Some are obviously deeper/more meaningful than others–consider, for instance, my goal to meditate regularly or join the Writer’s Guild of Alberta versus my goal to go without makeup for a day or to give up my iPhone for 24 hours.

Still, this list comprises the things that mean something to me this year. Things that, in bite-sized chunks, might just contribute to my overall well-being and sense of self. Do you have a list of things you want to accomplish this year? Are they New Year resolutions? Thirty-before-thirty? Or mini challenges you want to overcome? Am I the only one who takes this kind of approach to the year ahead?

Shannon’s 40 in 2013

Accidentally mindful

  1. Find one thing to be thankful for every day
  2. Compliment myself once a day
  3. Take a spiritual vacation by myself, even if just for one night
  4. “But let everyone be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God” James 1:19-20
  5. Get baptized
  6. Take one day every two weeks for myself. Doing nothing preferred
  7. Meditate regularly
  8. No foul language. Give up curse words altogether
  9. Tell the people I love that I love them more often
  10. Journal regularly

(mental/spiritual/physical) health and wellness

11. Do yoga at least once per week
12. Try out/take up a fighting style
13. Start swimming regularly again
14. Give up meat for at least one entire week
15. Eat locally at least 50% of the time for one month; work on extending this indefinitely
16. No alcohol for three months
17. No coffee for one month
18. Walk more. Drive less

Be afraid…

19. Sing karaoke. Like, in public
20. Go one full weekday without wearing any makeup
21. Read my poetry at an open mic event
22. Go one full day without my iPhone
23. Go one month without shaving my legs
24. Finish writing my first poetry collection
25. Kick off my freelance business. And actually get paid


26. Read Pride and Prejudice
Read Shakespeare’s Histories
28. Attempt a 30-day yoga challenge
29. Blog regularly. Here, there, everywhere.
30. Get an article published by a reputable outlet, whether blog, magazine or otherwise
31. Declutter. Cut my possessions by 25%
32. Save. Come out of 2013 with new savings
33. Join the Writer’s Guild of Alberta

I’ve always wanted to…

34. Sing again. Go back to a choir and/or voice lessons
35. Take an art class
36. Make a loaf of bread from scratch, in the oven. No bread maker
37. Volunteer more—for other organizations, not just my own
38. Take up archery again
39. Take in at least one art gallery/exhibit/museum a month
40. Dine at NOtaBLE


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