november first

Well, it’s November and I’m kicking off two big projects: my handwritten note a day, and my first pseudo-NaNoWriMo. Oi! A quick survey of my stationary collection reveals that I could send thirty different cards–which includes variations on the same card; for example, four different cupcake cards!–to thirty different people probably twice over. I figured I’d have to send a duplicate here or there but, nope. So, with my stockpile sorted and no need to run out to buy more, we’re off!


I wrote my first card to my sister. It was a postcard I made and then forgot to take a photo of before I dropped it in the mail yesterday afternoon… Whoops.

When I was living abroad, I used to write my sister, even though we spoke on the phone or Skyped nearly everyday. I thought she would like to receive a post card from York every now and then. I once addressed a post card to her as “Hey Stinky!”, which amused the postman greatly but didn’t exactly thrill my sister. Anyway…

When I woke up yesterday morning, I turned on my (brand new) laptop and started writing. I’ve had this story idea in me for a few years now–I even started jotting down some bits and pieces here and there–but I never really made a go of it. So I decided today that I would work on that. I wrote for some of the morning (today I may “time myself”; I want to see how much time it actually takes for me to do it so I have an estimation of my day) and then had to give up to get on with my day. One page and 575 words later, I really thought I’d written more…. But! At least it’s something down on (digital) paper. And like I already said: I’m not going to kick myself for not hitting 1,666 words per day; or 50,000 in the month. 575 words is–sadly–more than I’ve written in one sitting for the past three years, excluding press releases, letters and other work-related items, so I’ll take it as a win!

Does anyone else see the curiosity (I hesitate to call it “irony”) that in the same month I am both actively writing handwritten notes to people AND spending more time writing using technology? I didn’t see that when I embarked on these missions. Hm…


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