Colorful Seafood

Hello there!

For the first time in weeks (months?) I was out to the pub last night with some friends for dinner. Finally, an opportunity for a new #coasterpoetry! This time, I had each of my two friends start me off – one word per side. I then came up with two poems that don’t really go together at all. I wasn’t planning that. Nor was I planning to have them work together exactly, but wouldn’t that have been nifty?

Anyway. They’re both rather short. Very short in fact. Normally, I stretch them out a bit more, but this time I felt that erring on the side of brevity was more ‘right’ somehow. Maybe it was my mood. Perhaps I’m less wordy than usual? That’s unlikely. Either way, I’ve posted both new poems below for your reading enjoyment. You can also found this, and all of my previous coaster poems, and a collection of others, on my Facebook fan page ( I hope you enjoy. And if you don’t, tell me why! The #coasterpoetry project is all about flying by the seat of my pants. I don’t edit, I don’t make revisions. Someone just gives me a topic and I write. That’s that. So any constructive criticism is more than welcome πŸ™‚


Burgundy leaves curl in the
summer heat
Tinged with the coming fall
The sweet, sharp,
citrus kiwi scent
of something fresh
and alive
returning to itself
against the rising cold


The sweet taste of his tongue
tracing the curve
of my lip
A taste reminiscent of
evenings by the seashore,
salt-licked toes,
and the heartache that followed

*Poet’s note: What exactly do you do when someone starts off your poem with “Seafood”?! πŸ˜‰



  1. Hehe.. At first I thought 'there's a dirty reading'? But of course, poetry can be read any which way. I didn't mean it to be dirty, but I'm cool with it πŸ˜‰
    Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

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