Retro shannoetry: The Cinderella Series (part one)

Hello there,

To compensate for my lack of real writing time lately – and therefore the resulting lack of new poetry – I’m posting a little retro shannoetry from time-to-time. This first retro piece is part of a four-part series that is slowly but surely growing.

Cinderella I

Cinderella waits by the stair
Long, auburn locks obscure the view of
littered downtown streets,
filth and corruption.
Yellow hatred smolders
just beneath the surface of her skin
Itches like heroin bites
Curls itself behind her blue eyes,
flashes a toothy grin and
demands reparation.
Where has she been all these years?

Over time I’ll post the rest of the series, but this is a start. Once I have a chance to fit together some of the bits and pieces I’ve been composing recently, I’ll get you something new to chew.


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