Finally, a Puppet Show for Adults: Sunflower Hour

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the loveable faces of your children’s – and yours? – favorite television personalities? Wonder no more! Sunflower Hour (2011) is a hilarious glimpse into the lives of four puppeteer hopefuls – the suspiciously Irish Shamus O’Reilly (Ben Cotton), closeted homophobe Leslie Handover (Patrick Gilmore), Satan’s Spawn, a.k.a., Olivia (Kacey Rohol) the gothic teenager with the vulnerable underbelly, and the passionate David Spencer (Amitai Marmorstein) – as they complete to win a place on Vancouver’s favorite children’s show, Sunflower Hour.

Run by adult entertainment producer turned children’s television show exec Donald Dirk (Peter New), Sunflower Hour is recruiting new talent and Donald’s ex-porn star wife Melissa (Johannah Newmarch) – who’s out to destroy him – has made sure that only the best of the worst made it through to the final round. This bawdy mockumentary follows Shamus, Leslie, Satan’s Spawn and David as they face down naysayers – often from within their own less-than-supportive families – on their journey to stardom.

With cutting humor, more sexual innuendo than you can shake a stick at – and then some – and heartfelt looks at how these four misfits became the people they are today, Sunflower Hour is sure to please. Don’t miss the encore screening of Sunflower Hour Saturday, October 1 at 9:30pm at The Plaza Theatre.

~Shannon McClennan


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