40 things in 2013: the results

As I was working through my 40 Things in 2013 list, I had plans to write blogs posts on a few specific ones, and I think–time willing–I’ll probably still do that. But for now, I thought a quick run-down on what I actually checked off might be interesting, so here we go:

Accidentally mindful

  1. Find one thing to be thankful for every day – I’ve been actively pursuing this. I can’t say I’ve found one thing EVERY day, but I do this much more often than I did once, so I’m going to call it a win
  2. Compliment myself once a day – This is one I haven’t done at all, to memory. So, still some work on my part
  3. Take a spiritual vacation by myself, even if just for one night – Nope
  4. “But let everyone be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God” James 1:19-20 – An ongoing reminder
  5. Get baptized – I did this, along with my sister and father, September 20, 2013. It was also the day I wrecked my car, but more on that later
  6. Take one day every two weeks for myself. Doing nothing preferred – I’ve been pretty good about this. Not necessarily every two weeks, but much more often than I did in the past. I even set aside at least one day per month to meet @vlrny and my sister at a coffee shop to knit/sew
  7. Meditate regularly – Not as often as I’d like. I’ve been noticing the difference when I  meditate more regularly, but at present, I only make time at best once a week. Still working
  8. No foul language. Give up curse words altogether – Hasn’t been ALTOGETHER, but I’m much more conscious of this than I was before. And my partner keeps me honest, as I do him. More on this later
  9. Journal regularly – If my blogging frequency has taught us anything, it’s that I’m terrible at writing regularly. I’ve tried doing the Artist’s Way morning pages, but they’ve mostly turned into bi-weekly evening pages…










(mental/spiritual/physical) health and wellness

11. Do yoga at least once per week – Sometimes this happens, most of the time it doesn’t. But I did get a gym membership, which I use at least once per week (sometimes more) and attend their yoga classes. I’m probably going to yoga 4 to 6 times a month
12. Try out/take up a fighting style – Nope
13. Start swimming regularly again – Not regularly, but I’m swimming again. At present, aiming for once per week with about 60% success
14. Give up meat for at least one entire week – I didn’t give up meat for a full week, but I do eat vegetarian roughly once or twice per week with the aim to do this much more frequently
15. Eat locally at least 50% of the time for one month; work on extending this indefinitely – Definitely did not do this
16. No alcohol for three months – This one is easy for me because I seldom drink. In fact, we’ve more-or-less given up alcohol until the wedding, so I may blog on it later
17. No coffee for one month – Also pretty easy (she types, whilst sipping a Tim Horton’s dark roast…) I barely drink coffee, so I’ve gone well over a month several times in the past year and a half
18. Walk more. Drive less – I did do this. I’m not saying I walk to work every day, but I certainly walk more (though I probably drive less because I don’t go out as often, but…)

Be afraid…

19. Sing karaoke. Like, in public – I did this! Like, a lot, at my friend’s September 2013 karaoke birthday party (I missed his 2014 karaoke birthday party because I was busy Maid Of Honor-ing it up in Ontario)
20. Go one full weekday without wearing any makeup – Yes, and I’ve done this a lot. In fact, I’ve gotten too comfortable without makeup…
21. Read my poetry at an open mic event – Did this, too! Read some (old) poetry at the kick-off, 2013 Wolf’s Voices. Go me.
22. Go one full day without my iPhone – I did this, but only because I didn’t have a choice. I may blog about it later, but suffice to say, we were camping and there was no reception for three days
23. Go one month without shaving my legs – Yes
24. Finish writing my first poetry collection – No
25. Kick off my freelance business. And actually get paid – Yes!










26. Read Pride and Prejudice – Still have not read it
Read Shakespeare’s HistoriesDefinitely have not read them
28. Attempt a 30-day yoga challenge – Got scared and didn’t even try
29. Blog regularly. Here, there, everywhere. – I haven’t blogged here AT ALL, but I have started blogging at Huffington Post Alberta, including some film reviews and some political pieces. It’s a start
30. Get an article published by a reputable outlet, whether blog, magazine or otherwise – I’m going to consider Huffington Post Alberta as a yes for this. For now
31. Declutter. Cut my possessions by 25% – I didn’t do this so much in 2013 but have definitely done so since. I moved into a rather small apartment and this not only necessitated cutting clutter but it was something I desperately wanted to do. It’s a great feeling
32. Save. Come out of 2013 with new savings – I did this! It won’t buy me a house yet, but it will someday
33. Join the Writer’s Guild of Alberta Still haven’t done this, but only because I think o forgot about it. So I’ll do it in 2014

I’ve always wanted to…

34. Sing again. Go back to a choir and/or voice lessons – I haven’t done this yet, but largely because I can’t find a group I want to sing with. I have an idea on this for 2015 so may update later
35. Take an art class – Sadly, no. I would love to and will continue looking into it. I do, however, make art a lot more often than I used to make time for
36. Make a loaf of bread from scratch, in the oven. No bread maker – Nope
37. Volunteer more—for other organizations, not just my own – Yes! Calgary Reads, Calgary Mini Maker Faire and WordFest
38. Take up archery again – Nope
39. Take in at least one art gallery/exhibit/museum a month – Definitely not. But it’s something I’d still love to do
40. Dine at NOtaBLE STILL have not dined here. Someday


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