hand-written notes. everyday in november.

In September, Barb of Rite While U Can, posted a Thanksgiving Mail Challenge. A lover of putting actual pen to actual paper, Barb suggested that Calgarians (and beyond) send a thank you greeting to someone once a week in the month of September.

Source: http://papercrave.com/gifts-for-paper-lovers-2011-stationery-note-cards/
Source: http://papercrave.com/gifts-for-paper-lovers-2011-stationery-note-cards/











I didn’t discover Barb’s fantastic project until it was already too late, so because I love the idea, and I love sending real mail–really I do, I send little note cards to people, particularly friends overseas, at random just for fun–I’ve decided to put my own twist on this challenge. For the month of November, I’m going to send a written, paper missive to one friend or family member every day. Real, honest-to-goodness mail! I’ll update my progress every now and then during the month with cards I’ve sent and whether I get any responses. Now I’m off to buy stamps.


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